Hi! I’m Allen! Al or Bigal to some. I am a student of life. Born and raised in Philadelphia, Pa. I transitioned to the midwest where I attended college. Over the years, I worked a variety of jobs only to end up in the position I am in now. That is in a position of motivating and encouraging others.

Sure, I do have a steady job but my passion is in motivating and encouraging others with a kind word and powerful smile. So far it has been an interesting journey that gives me satisfaction when one sees life as a learning transition we all must go through.

No doubt we all go through at some point. Much like how one travels through the desert yearning for water to hydrate we all go through this life transitioning from test to test seeking deliverance. The Watering (W)hole is that spot where you can come and be rejuvenated. So, whether one is battling physical vices or simply experiencing mental challenges The Watering (W)hole is the place for you. Come and drink!

You ask, has he gone through anything himself? I say, I definitely have! From someone who has come from the streets of gangs and murder to a successful manager in the transportation industry, my life story may not be as different from others but unique in a way that my path to overcoming was different. I implore you to stay tuned for maybe a post might remind you of a familiar circumstance.

I am linked to many social media outlets and welcome comments, critiques, and of course encouragement.



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